How I became a babysitter!

It all started when I was a highschool student working a minimum wage job when I realized I wanted to make a little extra income. I proceeded to drop a little description of myself on a local neighborhood app about being able to babysit and waited for the responses/calls to kick in. Within the next hour I had received two offers and decided to check out one of the families the following day. After just a couple of days, I got the answer that the family wanted me to start right away, I was so excited I couldn't wait to start.

Meeting the little one was so exciting when I finally got to start but, didn't realize she would only be three months old. I had never taken care of someone so small in my life! I decided to keep pressuing and eventually after a couple of visits got used to her and the routine she had.

It has been a a year since I have gotten the privilege to explore the life as a babysitter without even having any experience in the beginning. I say to anyone wanting to achieve their goals that even if at first you have no idea what you're doing try to get yourself out there. No one knows what they are doing and if they can get to where they are then you can too!